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Jennifer Talley is the Deputy Director for the Center for Outcomes Research and Education. She joined the Center in August 2003, coming from North Carolina.
Jennifer Talley, MSPH
(310) 268-3240
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Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree (magna cum laude) at UNC-Charlotte. She received her Masterís of Science degree in Public Health with honors from UNC-Chapel Hill. Her primary research interests at Carolina were focused on comparing the effectiveness and net benefit of complementary and alternative therapies with traditional medical treatments. She moved to the west coast upon completing her degree to pursue a career in health services research.

Jennifer joined CORE as a Research Coordinator in 2003 and has been involved in the development of Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measurement instruments in a variety of GI conditions for eventual use in clinical trials. She has also developed surveys that provide critical insights into provider, patient, and system-wide issues that affect healthcare outcomes.

Jennifer has worked on a number of research studies focusing on improving the quality of care for veterans including a health literacy study aimed at improving colorectal cancer screening and education materials for veterans, and the development of an educational booklet for patients on how to better prepare for a colonoscopy exam, which improved preparation quality and polyp detection.

Since transitioning to a position as the Center's Deputy Director, much of Jennifer's work relates to the contracting, budgeting, and management of the Center's various staff members, fellows, and affiliates.

Linking the structure, process, and outcomes of healthcare.
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